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Syzygium legatii

General Info Evergreen Tree may reach 11m high. Decussate Leaves are simple.  The small, white, sweet scented, bisexual and actinomorphic Flowers have many white stamens. Fruit a berry with a 1 Seed. Description Tree Syzygium legatii, Syzygium guineense. RSA Tree No. 558. Common names: Mountain Waterwood, Mountain Waterberry. Family: Myrtaceae (Myrtle and Eucalyptus family) has 130+ genera and 3 000+ […]

Syzygium cordatum

General Info This evergreen Tree may reach 20m high. The simple, smooth, leathery Leaves are decussate. Flowers are bisexual, actinomorphic. Many long, white distinctive stamens are present. Fruit is a 1-seeded berry enclosed by the calyx. Description Tree Syzygium cordatum, Eugenia cordata. RSA Tree No. 555. Common names: Water Berry, Waterbessie, waterbessieboom, warerboom, waterhout. Family: Myrtaceae (Myrtle family has 130+ genera and 3 000+ […]

Strychnos madagascariensis

General Info Tree may reach 8m high. The simple, glossy Leaves are decussate. The cymose inflorescence has bisexual and actinomorphic Flowers. Fruit is a large woody berry with Seeds in yellowish pulp. Description Tree Strychnos madagascariensis, Strychnos bakanko, Strychnos behrensiana, Strychnos burtonii, Strychnos innocua subsp. dysophylla. RSA Tree No. 626. Common names: Forest monkey orange, Swartklapper, Hairy […]