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Vitex rehmannii

General Info Tree may reach 9m high. The palmately compound Leaves are decussate. The 5-lobed, small, light mauve or purple Flowers have didynamous stamens. The Fruit is a small, dry drupe with an accrescent calyx. Description Tree Vitex rehmannii. RSA Tree No. 664. Common names: Pipe-stem Fingerleaf, Pypsteelboom. Family: Lamiaceae (mint family) has 236 genera and 7 000+ […]

Vepris lanceolate

General Info Evergreen Tree is up to 5+m high. Trifoliate, drooping Leaves are gland dotted. Flowers small, regular, star-shaped, and in panicles. 4-locular Fruit has many tiny Seeds each with a basal tuft of long hairs. Description Tree Vepris lanceolate, Vepris undulata, Toddalia lanceolata. RSA No. 261. Common names. White-ironwood, witysterhout. Family: Rutaceae. The citrus family […]

Vangueria infausta

General Info This Tree may reach 9m high. Large opposite, hairy, simple Leaves are paired. The 5-merous, bisexual and actinomorphic Flowers are in cymes. Fruit reaches 5cm wide and contains 3 large Seeds. Description Tree Vangueria infausta, Vangueria tomentosa. RSA Tree No. 702. Common names: Wild-medlar, Velvet Wild-medlar, Mispel, Grootmispel. Family: Rubiaceae. The family has in excess […]