Author: David Becking

Acacia caffra

General Info Tree may reach 14m high. Short, paired thorns are curved. Leaves are bipinnate. Creamy to yellowish Flowers are in spikes with exserted stamens. Fruit is a flat pod with compressed Seeds. Description Tree Acacia caffra, Senegalia caffra, Mimosa caffra, Acacia fallax, Acacia multijuga RSA Tree No. 162. Common names: Common Hook-thorn, Cat thorn, Wag-‘n-bietjie, White Thorn. Family: Fabaceae or Leguminosae are Angiosperms (flowering plants) and commonly referred to as the pea, bean or legume family. After the Orchidaceae and the Asteraceae, the Fabaceae is the third largest Angiosperm family with 700+ genera and close to 20 000 species. Local...

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Acacia burkei

Tree up to 30m with pairs of vicious, strongly hooked thorns. Leaves are bipinnate and their stipules are not spinescent. Flowers are small and in spikes and the calyx becomes reddish. The numerous stamens protrude. Fruit is a straightish dehiscent pod.

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Acacia ataxacantha

Tree to 15m with furrowed trunk with single scattered recurved thorns. Leaves are bipinnate. The creamy white flowers are small and in spikes. Each has many protruding stamens. Fruit is an initially red pod.

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